CVG offers an array of services to provide clients with modules specific and tailored to their project needs. Clients only incur costs for the module(s) required, and services can be scaled on a fair and measurable cost-deliverable basis.  Every initiative is treated as its own, and CVG welcomes standard and uncommon projects with equal enthusiasm and a fresh perspective.

CVG provides services for all Phases of the construction management process including:  Program Mapping, Conceptual, Preconstruction, Construction & Control, and Closing & Maintenance.


Management Consulting

(Mapping Phase)

Management consulting for project startup, investment, and development to resolve project definition, organizational development, and financial/business challenges before traditional construction services begin.


Program Management

(Conceptual and Preconstruction Phases)

Management of project conception, budget, timeline, risk, permitting, value engineering, IPDs, and bidding through the start of construction.


Project Management

(Construction & Control and Closing Phases)

Management of project communication, process controls, and execution to Owner satisfaction during construction and closing.


Full Construction Project Management

(Program and Project Management)

Management of full suite of Management Consulting, Program Management, and Project Management Modules.



(Conceptual Phase)

Provides appraisals on existing real-estate assets such as buildings, roads, bridges, marinas, airports, and machinery; may include structural risk evaluations as required.


Cost Estimating Management

(Preconstruction, Construction & Control And Closing Phases)

Provides detailed cost estimating based on design documents for future work; may include bid evaluations, review of contractor-cost breakdown, and change order estimates; often conducted alongside a Constructability Review.


Constructability Review

(Preconstruction Phase)

Provides a full review of design specifications, drawings, and construction schedule; identifies potential change order and ensures a competitive bidding process.


Permitting & Approval Management

(Preconstruction Phase)

Evaluates and determines project permitting and approval requirements tailored to project size and scope and aids in obtaining all required permits and approvals.


Procurement and Supply Chain Consultation

(Preconstruction and/or Construction & Control Phases)

Provides targeted cost management and scheduling of project materials, equipment systems, and services to maintain budget and schedule; includes identification and incorporation of long-lead items.


Construction & Engineering Quality Control

(Construction & Control Phase)

Provides project observations, design collaboration, Cost Estimating Management, Constructability Review, critical-path review, claims analysis, material testing and certification, value engineering, and submission review services.


Troubled Project Turnaround

(Construction Control Phase)

Provides full project review to evaluate hotspots, scope, budget, and schedule; addresses critical needs, establishes new budget and schedule, mitigates and resolves claims, and implements strict controls.

Facility Maintenancec

Tailors facility-maintenance program to streamline maintenance operations in a standardized and cost-effective manner and to centralize date to view trends and to optimize organization-wide approach and resolution.